Saturday, September 26, 2009

Food storage

One of my goals would be to grow most of our food so that we could store it and eat it through the year. We have a LONG way to go.

Last weekend we bought 2 bushels of #2 apples and made apple sauce, dried apples and apple pie filling. We'll spend ~$100 on fresh fruit now so that we can have it for the rest of the year. Frankly, I'm not really a fan of canned things from the store, but things that I can myself are pretty good, although I don't think it's possible to can green beans or peas and ever have it taste right.

People question the nutritional value of canned or frozen produce. Actually, it's not bad. Put it this way, fresh produce that is in season is the best. But what about in the winter? Is it better to get produce from half way across the country or even the world that was picked well before it was ripe and shipped for several days, or produce that was picked fresh and canned or frozen? I would argue that there could be more nutrition in the canned or frozen variety... well there could be, but not necessarily true. That is why I can my own fruit so that I know what is in the can (or jar, as the case may be).