Saturday, December 30, 2006

Snowball fight

I got in a snowball fight with the Mugwump today, it was great. Although most of the snow was melted, there were still a few patches left at the park. I never picked up a snowball, but I still won in a 1-0 victory. The Mugwump threw four snowballs at me. I dodged right to avoid the first, I dodged left to avoid the second. On the third he approached to point blank range (for a 3 year old that meant the snowball wouldn't leave his hand before hitting me) and I had to jump over his head to avoid the hit. Ok, so I didn't quite make it over his head, I sort of landed on his head on the way down and he fell to the ground laughing. He got up and resumed his pursuit. He was still laughing and he threw the snow ball way up in the air and it came down and hit him right on the top of the head. I declared victory, and we ran home.


Heffalump said...

I am glad that you are switching to blogspot. Mainly because your other page always seemed to take a really long time to load. It was also a hassle to sign in every time with your other blog when I wanted to leave a comment, and although I will sign in here, it just doesn't seem to take as long as the other one.

Vertigo said...

Welcome to blogger! I switched quite a while ago and have never looked back.

Happy New Year!