Sunday, October 14, 2007


Last night at dinner was quite insightful. To start we asked my older son to say the prayer. At four years old he often has phrases that become a regular part of his prayer. We're not all about memorized or repeated prayers, but I'm especially fond of this phrase that he has adopted into most of his prayers these days. He says, " We're thankful that we have everything that we want". It's so profound, we really do have everything that we want. Not only are our needs met, but we've got what we want. I'm extremely grateful that my four year old recognizes that we have everything that we want... I hope that I can better recognize that myself.

During dinner I told my wife that I wanted to cut my hair. First of all, my sideburns were reaching a length where they could be combed back over my ears and secondly the hair on my neck was beginning to overtake my collar and blend in with the hair on my back. And then there's the real reason I wanted a hair cut. Because my hair is getting greyer and that is less obvious when it's shorter. I reluctantly told my wife that I wanted hair cut to hide the grey, fully expecting her to reassure me that my hair really wasn't that grey. Instead she said that it looked, "distinguished" and suggested that I wait to cut it. Ouch. There's nothing like kicking a guy while he's down. OK, I really don't care that my hair is getting grey, but it sure is a constant reminder that I'm not getting younger. Well, it was a constant reminder until I cut it really short last night so I didn't have to see the grey anymore.

Last night for dinner we had burritos. Since I entitled this blog dinner, I figured I should mention that.


TV Free said...

OK, I'm feeling a little misrepresented here.

First of all, I didn't say he shouldn't cut his hair. Second, I really don't care whether he has grey hair or not, so I don't lie to him when he asks me about it.

Now at least the record is set straight...

DMo said...

I'm finding more and more albino hair on my head, too. I'm just happy to have it long enough to actually turn grey.

I love your son's prayer. Its amazing how insiteful children are. They aren't bogged down by social culture so they can see things quite clearly.

Thanks for the blog.

Bri-onic Man said...

The silver lining in my greying and thinning upstairs is that patients are giving me less-and-less flak about being too young to be their dentist. It's good to be distinguished!

Emily Allan Wood said...

You guys are all so cute!

John Dattilo said...

maybe you should get that shampoo that is supposed to "hide the gray". That would be a sight to see at the Macy's, allyssa Hoyt getting a shampoo that hides gray hair.