Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Magician and the Saint

Once upon a time there lived a wee little lad of only two years. He had some special gifts not given to most lads at that age and he was expected to become a great magician in his day. As an example, there was a day (yesterday to be exact) when he demonstrated his obedience that will help in his training as well as the magical powers with which he was born.

This young lad has an amazing ability to keep secrets. For example, he doesn't like to tell people when he has soiled his diaper. While this may seem minor, he has a gift of hiding the soiledness until it is dried and takes a stiff putty knife to remove the debris.

Recently his loving mother has been attempting to teach the young lad that while maintaining a magician's secret is important, there are times when you have to tell others about the problem and get out of the messy diaper.

The young lad, in an attempt to be obedient to his mother informed her of is messy diaper and let her know that he needed to be changed. It is this type of obedience and dedication that will lead him to be a powerful magician some day. Mother was busy with the dishes and knew that in the three minutes it would take to finish, the mess would still be sufficiently moist. But this young lad knew of his mother's wish to have him clean messy diapers immediately and he is dedicated to his calling of a magician.

This magician lad then proceeded to tackle one of the most difficult tricks known to parents. The boy decided to attempt the removal of a diaper without getting any poop on his hands. It was incredible feat. Not only was he able to remove the diaper and get it to the bathroom without getting any on his hands, but as if to flaunt his talent he was able to get poop on other things. For example, there was poop up and down his legs, on the outside and inside of the shirt he was wearing, on the carpet and even on the floor between the location of diaper removal and the bathroom. An extraordinary trick by all accounts especially since there was no indication of any poop whatsoever on the young lad's hands.

While the magical trick was truly spectacular, it leaves a young mother with a bit of concern. Of course the young mother recognized her son's talents and wanted to support and encourage his development, but with a such a daring piece of magic attempted by her son in her home created a cause for concern. Oh, the things that could have gone wrong, the reasons that were available to punish the promising young magician, but this mother was a true saint. She didn't get upset. In fact, not a discouraging comment left her lips.

Although disappointed to be interrupted from the dishes, she went calmly over to the developing magician and helped him clean up the mess caused by the magic trick. She encouraged him to continue in his efforts to be helpful, although she also offered some potential improvements on the trick. For example, the trick could have been better had it occurred entirely in the bathroom. It also could have been better had the young lad taken a preemptive strike and used the toilet before he had a soiled diaper. Truly the entire situation could not have been handled with more patience and love. The woman is a saint.

The only upset words to leave this woman's lips were when her husband arrived home just after she had dealt with the situation. And the family lived happily ever after... or at least happily for another day.


Emily Allan Wood said...

a powerful magician indeed! And yes, your wife is a saint. I wish I was more like her.

joelhead said...

Although it may not have been amusing at the time, it will go down in history like Houdini. It is definitely one for the books. Thanks for the comical relief. Sorry it had to be at the Saint's expense.

TV Free aka "The Saint"? said...

I hope I am not the only one who laughed about this!

I'm not so sure about the saint part, though....