Friday, April 4, 2008

Pop Quiz

Watch the clip found at this link (it's the trailer for an upcoming moving) and then answer the following questions.

1) Does that look like fun?

2) Would you do it? Why, why not or with what modifications?

Have a good weekend


Emily said...

1). Yes it looks like fun

2). That is my dream. To live in a trailer and keep moving. Going to see all of the beautiful places. I always said I wanted to go on a gypsy trip.

Why don't I do it? Money and responsibility. Debt. Sadly. I still dream I will do it someday.

Miles Archer said...

Sounds pretty dreadful either as the adult or a child. You tell from just a trailer, but if they didn't have plenty of books to read, they've been severely shortchanged in the education department.

Susan said...

It is fun, and I am living it every day!
Our "camper" may be a little upgraded, but our adventures are the same. We will see 6 states we have never seen before this summer.

James said...

1) Fun? - yes. Satisfying? - I'm doubtful.

2) Don't think I would do this, though I'm interested in seeing this movie to see what all the motivations for doing so were.

Vertigo said...

1. Fun? pretty much.

2. If I could, yes, but on bike. Check out

The Woulfes said...

1) Yes-looks like my dream

2) I'd do it in heart beat. I can't think of a better way to raise children. I think i could do a better job teaching my children (when i eventually have some) then any education system in the country. Teaching your children to live simply and respect themsleves and their surroundings would be invaluable.

adam brown said...

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SiouxGeonz said...

Why should I do that when I could get rich right away like adam brown?? (hmmm... I suggest setting the comments so we have to type the letters to cut the spam...)

I'd do it by bike. And of course, the poeple *I* did it with would be so secure and wholesome that we wouldn't need rules :)

On the other hand... there's a lot to be said for fully exploring *where you are* - traveling not necessary - and experiencing the present place fully and having those experiences that come with being some place for a while. I've always moved w/in a few years 'til this place and it's interesting.