Sunday, May 4, 2008


This post would be for those who like to see pictures of my family rather than reading my rants. That would probably be most of the people who visit here. I'll rant again next week, if I have any time.
The new baby is getting bigger. He's just beginning to take on facial features that are not just baby features. And it's warming up so we can take him out of his bundle of clothes and actually see his face.
Six-Pence with a stuffed animal.
Mugwump is ready for battle. He has his helmet, a shield (lid to a pot) and his spaghetti scooper. It's hard to loose if you are armed like that.
Now the Mugwump is looking through his spaghetti scooper. For whatever reason, I sort of like this picture.
There's another picture of Jaguar. He seems to scowl a lot. I often wonder if he is scowling at me or the world.

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Emily said...

We love the pics! Thank you for posting them. I miss you and your family a lot.