Sunday, May 27, 2007


Who knew that a birthday these days lasted a week? One of the gifts that we received was a trip to Thanksgiving Point which is an attraction with a farm, dinosaur museum and other cool stuff.
The Mugwump was able to ride a horse. He really enjoyed that.
Six-pence also got to ride a pony. He wasn't a big fan, but with Mom's help he stuck it out and may have even enjoyed it there at the end.

"My what a big nose you have." I think this was a Clydesdale, but really I don't have a clue since I'm not really a horse person. Six-pence liked the big horse, but wasn't ready to pet him.

In the dinosaur museum the Mugwump was almost eaten by a triceratops. Luckily the dinosaurs there were all dead.

The best part of the dinosaur museum was the erosion table. Using pumps and a fun shaped table you could build things with sand (like dams, I liked building dams) and then wait for the water to work it's magic and bury some dinosaurs and uncover others. I REALLY enjoyed the erosion table. I think the Mugwump had a good time too. He did lame stuff like plant trees... I liked seeing the powerful water break dams and create mass carnage to everything downstream.

The Mugwump also got swimming lessons for his birthday. He's looking forward to a slightly larger pool. I think he's also looking forward to seeing something besides the grime at the bottom of the bathtub.

The boys really like the tent. I don't think the tent is quite big enough. If the boys ever ask me to sleep in the tent, I will have to call the giver of the tent and ask that she sleep in the tent instead of me. You see, I am over four feet tall and therefore do not fit in the tent. Thank you Grandma, the boys love it. Well, the Mugwump still loves it, Six-pence has become a little suspect since older brother learned that if you zip younger brother inside the tent, he doesn't know how to get out. Little brother doesn't like that.

Thanks to all for a wonderful birthday for the Mugwump.

As for the "adults" in the family, we weed the garden with every spare moment. It's amazing, by the time I am done weeding all the way through, the morning glory have almost completely taken over the part that I started with. This is different than I envisioned. I thought I would weed it once and then pull the occasional weed just to stay caught up. Pretty soon the squash will catch up and we will no longer have a morning glory problem. Then I will have to figure out how to keep the squash from overtaking the rest of the garden.

You know, I think that a garden update is a post in itself, but I've got other posts on the burner. Stay tuned the next post will be a good one. We're making changes to a simpler, lower impact life and my wife wanted to make the big steps first.


Emily said...

Thank you so much for posting pics and a story about your day out! I love catching up with your family and seeing all the fun things you guys are doing. You have two of the cutest boys on the planet (besides my nephew of course). Thanks Sans!!!

Heffalump said...

Its always fun to get a family update. Looks like Mugwump had a great time all week!

runbrianj said...

Maybe just coincidence, but this was really easy to read on my phone. Thanks!