Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Free time?

So spring term is here and I knew that I was going to have tons of time... I was wrong. I am now doing different stuff besides studying, but I'm just as busy as I was before. I will add some story to the pictures later, but here are just a few scenic pictures to get you started. These are a few of the scenic pics from Havasu canyon. It is really a beautiful place.


Vertigo said...

Great pics Sans!

It is places like that that really do fill the soul in a way that 'stuff' just can't.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

Emily said...

wow. awesome pics. I am jealous and happy that you both got to go there. SWEET. Your pics make me want to go there too!

TV Free said...

Wahoo! I finally got the prints done today. They turned out better than I thought they would! All the blurry pictures are of me. :)

Thanks for a great time, Sans!