Monday, April 30, 2007


I think I forgot to post that I was going on vacation. That is why I haven't posted in over a week. I took my boys to their Grandma's "house" and my wife and I went and hiked into Havasu Canyon which is a branch off the grand canyon. I'll post some pictures and do a better post later, but first I want to share some thoughts.

I have been doing pretty well with my bike commuting. Aside from a couple of snow days and bike repairs I have commuted by bike every day. Up until we left on vacation I had more miles on my bike for the year than we had on the car. I was quite pleased with our fuel budget that we set at $50/month and we never came close to that.

That all changed. Our vacation put around a thousand miles on the minivan putting me way behind in cycling miles. I don't know how far behind I am and frankly I don't think I want to know. We spent hundreds of dollars on gas. I feel like a recovering addict that just went back for "one last" hit. Don't get me wrong, we're back on the straight and narrow. I took the bus this morning and picked up my bike at the bike shop (I needed a new rear wheel built up) and my wife rode her bike to do the grocery shopping this morning. Still the big car trip is tough to swallow.

Was it worth it? Yes. I got to visit my mom and my boys were able to spend time with their G'ma. Additionally, my wife and I were able to go on our first "date" without kids in many years and we were able to go to one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Family relationships are one of the most important things in the world and they need nurturing.

Do I wish it had been different? Yes. I wish I hadn't had to put those miles on the van or support the oil industry, but I did. I wish family lived close enough that we could ride our bikes to visit. We currently live in Utah and have parents in Colorado, Arizona and Washington State. If we want to visit family, we have to drive (or fly, but that's even worse). Alternatively, family could come visit us (which we would love!), but it still has the impact on the environment, even if the miles don't accumulate on my wife's car. I wish family all lived within an area where we could use bikes, buses or trains to visit, but they don't and it's still important to visit.

Despite my disappointment in having to do a lot of driving, the vacation was a lot of fun. I'll post pictures soon and tell a little more about the hike we did. I should be posting more frequently now that my killer semester is over. Now I'm teaching two golf classes and working on things that are more at my own pace so I should have time to do the important stuff like blog.

Today I'm going home at 1 in the afternoon to help my wife unpack and weed the garden.


Susan said...

Family is so important, and as the recipient of your was so worth it. The time I got to spend with you and your awesome wife was short but special. The time I got with the Mugwump and Sixpense was indescribable! I have some pictures on my blog at . As you get older you start realizing what is really important in life. A week with "perfect" grandchildren may be #1 on the list. Thank you for putting your Mom (me) first. I too, would like to see you and your family more often. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Cmon, you do what you can. Do you think taking one car trip a year is going to make that much difference?

(I have a 90 mile/day commute and there's no option for public transportation or biking. There's this thing about a bridge without bike lanes...)

Anonymous said...


I tell you what, I'll offset your vacation by telecommuting a couple of extra times this week and next. Now you won't have to feel guilty.

Emily said...

YAY! I am so happy that you got to go on vacation with your awesome wife. Sorry you put miles on the van and pollution into the atmosphere. I wish there was some way I didn't have to commute to my new job in my car, but I at least have the satisfaction of knowing that I have a very small and low polluting car, at least when compared to the other cars out there.

As far as having family live nearby, I think it would ROCK if family lived together. I think thats the way God intended it anyway.