Sunday, April 1, 2007


Really I wish I could post more often, but school is presently getting the best of me. I'll be lucky to get 1/2 of what I need to done by the end of the semester. We'll see how it goes.

Last week I put in a bunch of extra time so that I could spend time with a brother-in-law when he came to visit. Evidently people call him "boy- in-love". He's 15. Friday we had a good time on a bike ride. We found a fun little single track that went up the side of a hill. It was a pretty spring ride through a barren forest, although the leaves will be arriving soon. Somebody found a bunch of big mud puddles on the way home. Somebody has a bike to wash... or maybe two people have bikes to wash.
Yesterday we worked in the garden. We're still waiting to put in grass. We want to find the weeds that come up and pull them all out before we put the grass seed. We may never have grass. We got wood planks for our garden plot so that we can access the middle regions without walking on our well kept soil. We're excited to get the garden going. We have big plans which include a lot of experimenting.
Speaking of experimenting, I've already made one big mistake. I added some compost to the garden area last fall, but there were some nuts in the compost. If we left the garden area unchecked we would grow the world's finest chestnut forest. So we've spent a lot of time pulling small trees and big nuts out of our garden. Next year I won't plant nuts in the garden.

The boys sure like stickers. This is Six-Pence with fish stickers all over his face.
The boys got to go to the Children's Museum in SLC this week. They really enjoy that... Thanks G-ma.
The Mugwump on a horse. It wasn't a real horse, but he liked it.
The Mugwump is now able to give Six-Pence a ride on the tricycle. This may be a disaster waiting to happen, but so far they both enjoy it.
The white grid are the planks to the garden and you can sort of see the trellis that will house our climbing plants... we hope. You can also see a corner of what will someday be a lawn. Right now it's brown dirt.


TV Free said...

I must say, you do have the cutest kids ever!

Heffalump said...

Now come ON tv free...that is just bragging!

Emily said...

no no..i agree... they are the cutest kids ever!
You are hosting the kid in love? Wowee! I'm glad you got to go for a ride and your garden is coming along. Yay for home made plants!

Mark said...

I'm confused, how can your BIL be 15?

Margaret said...

Putting in a lawn was one of the toughest things we did. It was a lot of effort and work. But it was well worth it in the end. We just have a side garden of beans and tomatoes. It's all we have time for.

Tucker said...

Sans, is it to late to start the garden for 2007. I live in Minneapolis. What items would you suggest for a newbie.?