Friday, April 13, 2007

Garden and Family

Sans is swamped this week - again. It's the end of the semester, so TV Free is filling in.

This week I worked on our garden. I'm usually not a very proud person, at least I hope not, but I am really proud of all the work we got done this week! Even with two "helpers" digging holes where I didn't want them and tramping on the strawberry plants.

Our neighbors took out their front sidewalk and I took advantage of the opportunity to get some free pavers! Using the recycled concrete chunks, I put in paths through the side yard.

The closest section is going to be corn and sunflowers, with the idea of a fun forest for the kids to run through. The next section has desert fire (another freebie this week) and dahlia bulbs planted. We'll add tulips, daffodils, crocus, and whatever other bulbs we can find this fall. The last section has strawberries and onions in it. I am hoping that we get to eat some of the strawberries and that the neighbor kids and the birds don't beat us to them!

We also dyed Easter eggs last week. The Mugwump had a good time with it. I don't quite agree with the whole egg association with Easter, but it is fun for the kids and we learned about mixing colors.

We had fun this afternoon enjoying the nice weather. We built a little homemade swing in the backyard - I don't think it'll get used much as we have a park just a couple blocks away (with swings that I am not worried about crashing down on my kids!), but it was a fun little project, and I got to climb the tree. Mugwump asked if he should wear his helmet to ride on this swing; I told him it probably wasn't a bad idea!


Heffalump said...

You are so good. I am not sure if we will get our garden up and running this year. We did start the plants indoor, but that doesn't mean we will actually get them outside and into the ground. Thanks for filling in for Sans. Its nice to hear from you once in a while.

Emily said...

Yay! Pictures and kids and garden. Thats a good way for me to wake up in the morning. Thank you for posting. You have been busy!

runbrianj said...

Thanks for keeping the blog going! It's fun to check in and see how things are down in Utah (except when big trucks are involved!).
This is going to sound like a request from somebody whose life is REALLY complicated, but I was wondering if you could lighten the brown border on your blog. I enjoy checking it on my PDA and it's putting the dark brown border behind the black text. Even with my screen brightness up to the max, it's very hard to read.
Like I said, somebody (me) needs to simplify. But until I do, if you could help me out that would be great!