Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My last few posts seem to have had a negative tone to them and I'm going to try and move away from that. In one of the comments, Sasquatch said that it sounds like I've got everything going for me, two wonderful kids, a fun career, and ample opportunities to ride my bike and live simply. He's right, I really like my life and there's not much that I would change. I really appreciated the comments from my blog on getting run off the road, I got some ideas that we are going to try and incorporate into our lives.

One simple thing that I really like is that people on my blog call me "sans". When I came up with the name of the blog and my email address I was thinking that I could use the French term for "without car" (although it is also an English term) since I started writing when I sold my car and started using my bike as my primary mode of transportation. It seemed fitting. Now when the Internet world addresses me as "sans" I feel that it better represents what I'm really about. I'm not against cars and I don't think that bicycles are the answer to everything. I am about simplicity and doing "without" extras in life. Yes, the car is one extra that I'm doing without, but so are television, movies, fast food, a big house and all sorts of things. My wife and I spend a lot of time finding additional things that we could do without.

I was on my way home last night and I was passed by a guy on a big motorcycle out for a ride with his girl. I didn't think much of it, but with the appropriate string of events, this guy and his girl became the source of a lot of fun for me. The motorcycle got stopped at a couple of lights and I was able to almost catch it. Then, the guy had to wait to turn left at an intersection that I was able to follow him through with much more momentum than he had. So this tough guy on his hog got passed by a scrawny kid in spandex riding his bike. I even had the time to turn to his girl and say hi. She was nice and responded with a big smile. The guy wasn't smiling.
I should mention that my wife has absolutely nothing to worry about, but I really felt that experience was a lot of fun. Can you imagine taking your girl out for a ride on your motorcycle and being passed by a guy on a bike who turns and says hi to her? I am sure that everyone involved knows that the motorcycle is much faster than the bike, but with the timing of how everything worked out I got to demonstrate to a couple of people that bicycles aren't as slow as some people thing.


emily said...

ha ha! good times.

Anonymous said...

I've been mulling over your statement that you're pleased at being refered to as "sans". In particular I want to challenge you on your statement that you are doing "without".

This didn't sit well with me. This is how I sense people perceive me as someone "without". I don't have a car. I don't have a tv. I don't have a ... etc, etc.

But that's missing the point. What they don't see is what I have gained. I don't feel deprived. I feel blessed with abundance - of time (now there's a paradox for some people. How does not owning a car give one more time!), of quality of life.

You are not "sans". You are....I'm trying to think of the french word for more, but I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning.

Enjoy your day.