Friday, September 7, 2007


First off, thanks for people who took the survey. Evidently I have more than 2 readers, I have about 14 that took the survey before I gave it to Fatty who got me hundreds of responses. If you have contacts with anyone who you think would be willing to post the survey, please contact me. The more people who take it, the better. And if you would like to take it, click here.

Now I want to talk a bit about my younger son. We call him six-pence... or was it sick-spence. Anyway he is about 20 months old and he's really developing in character. I've just got three examples of this guy making me laugh.

1) This morning I was eating breakfast and Six-pence wandered out of our room (when did he get there?) with half closed eyes and a head bobbing around like it was going to pull him to the floor and back to sleep any second. I saw him coming, so I picked him up and tried to get him back to sleep. He started screaming because that wasn't what he wanted. (He communicates quite well for not being able to talk.) So I put him in his high chair, thinking he might want to eat with me (he likes to eat). He sat there with a bobbing head and half closed eyes while I finished my breakfast. Then he got out of his high chair, went back into our bedroom and fell back asleep with mom. Evidently, I needed company for breakfast.

2) Yesterday Six-pence expressed that he was done eating by squirming around and not eating any more. So my wife got him cleaned up and put him down. Then he was hovering around his chair screaming. So my wife puts him back in his high chair. He didn't eat, he just made another mess and expressed again that he was done eating. Again my wife cleaned him up and put him down. Yet again he hovered around the high chair screaming. So my wife handed him his plate, which he took over to the dishwasher and put it in. Then he went off and played happily. (somehow the part where he smeared the ketchup and mustard all over the front of his shirt missed the story). So whatever you do, don't neglect your children by not letting them clear their place.

3) I don't know that the story will do this justice, I think you had to see the look on his face, but I'm going to try anyway. In our house we don't really use matching bed sheets. Whatever is on top goes on the bed. That means that I use a green pillowcase and my wife uses one that is grey with blue stripes. Coincidentally, Six-pence uses the other pillowcase from the set my wife's is from, so they match. Except my wife usually has an additional pillowcase over hers so you can't see the blue and grey striped one (it's the really soft pillowcase I made her for Christmas last year). Anyway, it was time to launder the soft pillowcase, so she took it off. Six-pence had been playing in our room and knew that "his" pillow was in there. We went through the bedtime routine of brushing teeth, stories, scriptures and prayers. It was time for the horse back ride to bed, but Spencer was screaming and pointing toward our room. He went in and got my wife's pillow and took it back into his bedroom. When he arrived he noticed that his pillow was already there. The look on his face was priceless. He knew that he had just gone to get "his" pillow, how could it already be there? It's so much fun to watch them learn.


Emily Allan Wood said...

Thank you for sharing these stories. Six pence is a very special little boy. I'll never forget his "help" while we were camping. He kept bringing me rocks to throw into the fire because he was helping us "clean up and keep the fire going." That fire had a lot of rocks in it by the end of the day. I hope you keep a journal of these things. He will look back and laugh at himself someday. Priceless.

DMo said...

Those were cool stories...made me smile. I can just imagine what was going on in his head when his pillow was already there.

I'm still stunned at the clearing the table thing...I wish my kids cared so much about clearing their dishes. :-)