Thursday, September 27, 2007


OK, I was on a role moving toward how bikes were going to take over the world and leave automobile drivers in a crumpled heap, begging for mercy, but I decided to go in a different direction. I was over at No Impact Man and he had a wonderful blog about gratitude and I want to copy it. Normally I don't like it when people sort of copy blogs, but his entry made me take a step back and think of what I'm grateful for. It's a rough semester and at times I think I would be grateful for a lot more if I didn't spend 17 hours a day at school staring at this stupid computer. So I'm going to take an opportunity every week to make a short list of things that I'm thankful for. And frankly, this is completely different than No Impact Man's blog because I"m not grateful for his wife, daughter or dog, although I'm sure they're wonderful.

My wife who is supportive even after she spends the entire day with no help with the kids.

The time that I get to spend with my boys when I get home from school. It's not a lot, but I'm REALLY grateful for those moments.

Venus. It's super bright right now on the Eastern horizon every morning on my way to school. It reminds me of the eternities and my place in this world.

The owl that buzzes my head every time I forget to look for him on my way in to school.

The rabbit that runs across the road when I ring my bell.

An idea for a dissertation topic that is both realistic and something that I'm excited to do.

An endless list of things I'm thankful for. I could go on forever, but I'm not going to... I have to save some for next week.

What are you thankful for? I know that not many people read this blog, but I want all of the lurkers to post at least one thing you are thankful for. You can do it anonymously, but one of the greatest things I'm thankful for is positive people in the world. Even when life is hard, there is a lot to be thankful for. Share it.


Heffalump said...

My husband, my boys, shelter, indoor plumbing, enough food to eat, the gospel, being able to read, living in this country, extended family, friends, music, etc. etc. etc.

Larry said...

After listening to the news about what is happening in places like Burma, I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to be born in the country that I was.

CoconutKate said...

Airplanes-so we can visit our family once in a while, cold weather, a happy little girl, my husband, the family I was born into, air conditioning, good books and movies, the beauty of nature around us, blogs that inspire, quiet mornings...

Naomi said...

I'm a lurker, I admit it. I am thankful for fresh starts, the beauty of nature, tasty food, learning, my husband and cute little boy, and diversity.

Emily Allan Wood said...

Intelligent friends, loving family, warm home, food to eat, a healthy body, a loving husband, computers and the internet, blogs, and my sense of humor.

Isle Dance said...

I'm thankful to be alive.

Gordon said...

I am thankful for my wife who has been very supportive during a really rough time at work.
I am thankful for my two boys, who are loving, healthy, intelligent, energetic, caring, and great examples of how to enjoy life.
I am thankful for my job (that I really don’t like right now) as it is supporting my family.
I am thankful for my extended family.
I am thankful for this country and its leaders.
I am thankful for our soldiers that defend it.
I am thankful for our church.
I am thankful for our friends.
I am thankful for a God that loves me.
I am thankful for the beautiful Pacific Northwest that we live in.
I am thankful for the mountains, hills, trees, valleys, rivers, lakes, oceans, sun, moon, rain, clouds, blue sky, and night time.
I am thankful for oxygen. Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that we all can breath in this invisible substance anywhere in the world?
I am thankful that the sun rises every morning and sets every evening.
I am thankful for winter, spring, summer, and fall.
I am thankful for our house, cars (sans won’t be thankful for that one), and bikes.
I am thankful for like- minded folks to ride my bike with.
I am thankful that both of my boys like being with me especially riding bikes and skiing.
And now I will go be thankful for my bed!

Thanks for the attitude check—I needed that today!

TV Free said...

education, truth and the ability to find it, healthy food (and ice cream, too), autumn colors, two awesome little boys who make me smile daily, a self-sacrificing husband, freedom, my good health, a comfortable home...

It is hard to just get started! I am looking forward to doing our annual "Thankful Tree" that we hang up and fill with things we are thankful for in our family.

Brad said...

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
My beautiful wife and daughter, and my son. Freedom, clean air which is harder to find, rain when it comes, the fall leaves on the trees, good friends like Sans, and many more things that I to could list.

Vertigo said...

A two year sabbatical in Japan.

A home in Canada.

A challenging job.

An amazing family.


Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful for choices and options. Many people in this world...and even our country don't have all the choices & options many of us have.

(Sorry I'm late coming out of lurkdom and responding)