Friday, February 8, 2008


I am taking the day off from school, so I'm going to make this quick. Yesterday I wrote about toys. Coincidently, my wife took pictures of the boys playing with toys yesterday. So that will be todays post, the boys playing with some toys yesterday.

This is Six-Pense playing with Legos and canning jar tongs.
The Mugwump was playing with moon sand.

This is Six-Pence in the moon sand. Then the boys made valentines for someone (maybe you).
And of course 'Jaguar'. He doesn't play much, but people want pictures of babies. He always looks the same. He's a little wrinkly head that sticks out of a bunch of blankets. Really all babies have a similar appearance, but I will continue to post pictures to humor those who want pictures. I don't, however, know if it would matter I just posted the same picture over and over. They all look about the same to me.

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