Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Garden pictures

People asked for pictures, so here are a few pictures. I thought I turned them all right side up, but evidently I missed some... mainly those that the Mugwump decided we should post.
This isn't a great picture. The peach tree is on the right and then you can see a couple of tomato plants left of the peach tree. I put the tomatoes in tomato cages, but the tomatoes won that battle and have now tipped over with the cages around them.
There you can see a couple of little flower bushes that are really nice. Then we have our corn which has provided us with at least 8 ears so far. Behind the corn (I don't know if you can see it) are the sunflowers. I am really good at growing sunflowers. I don't put any effort into it and they grow really big and look great. If you know anyone who likes sunflower seeds, let me know. They don't do much for me.
Another sideways picture... The plants with the big round leaves are Brussels sprouts. You can see the tomato plants behind them and then the weeds/watermelon vines that cover the ground. You can even see one of my prized watermelons on the left (top) of the picture. Oh, you can also see in the background a lettuce plant that has gone to seed. I figure that way we'll be sure to have plenty of lettuce next year.
I like this picture (sideways again) because this is the best weeded section of the garden. You can see the cabbage and basil mingled in amongst the weeds. It may be the 'best weeded', but there are still weeds throughout.
This is looking back into the back yard. We've got some beans (I don't have any idea what kind) growing up that net thing that we built. You can see the squash patch off to the left. It is overtaking parts of the garden, but I'm thinking that if I plan things correctly, I'll be able to plant the squash next to the lettuce or beets so that as the lettuce is finishing for the season, it will be simultaneously overtaken by the squash. There are also some beets, carrots and watermelon in that picture if you can find them. They are really hard to pick out from among the weeds.

I've got another post upcoming that I think will be good, if it turns out. Although the posts that I think seem the best in my head, generally turn out the worst. Oh well.

Oh and this is a picture/PSA from bikesnob that I thought was great. We should all obey!!

As a cyclist who can see easily in car windows, I'm amazed at the number of people I see texting while driving. I see at least 2-3 people per day texting while driving. Not all of those people almost kill me, but I have more close calls with texting or cell phone talking people than I do people who are actually paying attention. Please don't kill me, hang up and drive.


Emily A. W. said...

Yay! Thanks for the pics. I really like the way the garden adds greenery to your yard, so its pretty, plus you get the benefit of eating its yummyness. Woot!

ann.rachel said...

Wow, Garrett! That's an awesome garden! You are quite the farmer. The plants add a lot of life to the yard... like a jungle! I bet the boys love that.