Sunday, August 24, 2008

Goofing around

So I was working on my dissertation and I got distracted.  OK, more accurately, I finished a draft of my dissertation and my wife was doing some proof reading (that's why I love her, but I really feel bad making her read that thing) and I was the distractor, not the distracted.  

  Anyway, the boys were being funny, so I turned the camera on on my computer and captured some video.  Then I was dinking around on the computer this evening and found the footage and the movie editing software that came with my computer and spent 20 minutes editing to see what I could figure out.  It's nothing excellent, and Keith will probably laugh at me, but I think it's got potential.  

  Excuse the big red sheet hanging in the background, while hanging things out to dry is environmentally friendly and all, the wind mixed with the excess dirt (or absences of grass) and the wet sheets makes for muddy sheets, so instead we drape things around the house until they're dry.  Or until they need to be used.  

  Also excuse the sweaty cycling clothes in the background, they're also hanging to dry because I don't wash them every day.  Just feel lucky that you can't smell them.    So without further ado, here's the little video that I made.  Maybe someday I'll make another.  


Heffalump said...

Where's Sixpence?
I think a little goofing off once in a while is a good thing! Good luck with the dissertation!

Emily A. W. said...

Yay! I loved it! Thank you for posting it. You sure have a house full of characters!

Bri-onic Man said...

Yay iSight camera! It's just so handy and usable! Ever played with Photo Booth? Now THAT'S a good time.