Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day

I think you should vote.

I was given a little mind teaser the other day and thought I would offer it as something to think about while you are standing in line to vote.

You have 8 balls that are identical in size, shape and color. They are all indistinguishable from one another, except one of the balls weighs just a little more than the other seven (you can't tell by holding them). The seven balls are of identical weight. You have a balance scale and your boss wants you to maximize your efficiency. What is the fewest times you can use the scale to identify the one ball that weighs a little more than the rest?

Now go vote. You get extra credit if you talk to the person next to you in the voting line about the ball question.


CoconutKate said...

One~ if you are really lucky at guessing. Three~ if you get scientific. Put half the balls in one side, half in the other side...the heavier half you divide and measure again. and again to find out which one. right? or did I miss it completely?

The Woulfes said...

beat me to it coconutkate...good job