Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm a day late, but that's OK. I don't like Halloween anyway. We dress up and pretend we are something we aren't and go around asking strangers for candy that we shouldn't be eating anyway. And why is everything supposed to be scary?

Truth be known, I take a little pride in Halloween. I enjoy being 'that house'. You know, the weird one that gives out healthy stuff. This year we gave out glow sticks or play-do instead of candy. I thought that was a good idea, but really most of the credit on this year belongs to my wife.

Last year was the highlight of my Halloween career. I didn't dress up and I didn't go out. Last year we gave out candy. We found a vase shaped dish that we served the candy from. When children came to the door and said trick-or-treat I would just hold out the vase and watch the kid put his hand in with huge eyes. As a kid I always looked forward to the houses that let me grab the candy myself, because I was more generous than they ever would be. So the kids would reach in and get a huge handful of candy and you could see the excitement in their eyes as they prepared to pull 15 pieces of candy from the jar. Then they realized that their hand was stuck in the glass vase. I then had the opportunity to watch the kids drop one piece of candy at a time, watching their bounty literally slip from their fingers, until their hands would again fit through the top of the vase. Most kids could only get one or two pieces of candy. The kids that were really good at it could get three pieces. We'll just call it my little 'trick' for the evening.

The battery died on the camera this afternoon, I'll post some pictures of the boys' costumes soon.


The Woulfes said...

That sir is hilarious.

I believe you can catch racoons with the same trick. They won't let go of a shiny object even though their hand gets stuck in the slit...

Nate said...


Emily A. W. said...

Ha Ha! It reminds me of Radiskull and devil doll (that old flash cartoon that was big when I started at BYU)..."here's a nice shiny apple!" guys are always fun and funny.