Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today I'm going to post pictures. I still haven't gotten pictures of my commute, but I hope to at some point. Every time I look through pictures to post, I find that my middle son is by far the most photogenic. So I've got three pictures of Sixpence, and one of the Mugwump and Jaguar.

The first photo is of the Mugwump coming down the slide at the playground outside our new apartment. Sixpence is also in the photo, but I'm not sure whether there was a collision at the bottom of the slide or whether the Mugwump was sitting on Sixpence's head the entire way down the slide. In either case, the Mugwump looks happy and Sixpence... Well, if he's sad you can't tell.

Then we have a picture of the little one. This is a picture of him at the park, but when we went to open a new bank account, he single handedly entertained about 8 female employees for a half hour or more. I can only imagine how much money he wasted as people who were supposed to be working were playing peek-a-boo, making faces or talking in baby talk to him.

Going with the park theme, this is Sixpence posing for a picture. From what I've seen (in the dead of winter) this should not be called 'The Bluegrass State', but rather 'The Browngrass State'.

I think this is a wonderful picture of Sixpence. He was extremely tired, but check out that hair! We really like his hair longer instead of short, but we don't know how to cut it without buzzing it. So we let it grow. At some point he'll start looking like a girl and we'll have to do something, but for now I think this kid has the coolest hair ever.
I really hope to get pictures of my commute. I honestly can't think of a prettier ride and I'm excited to brag a little about the ride that I get to take on a regular basis (except tomorrow, it's currently raining/snowing and tomorrow's high is supposed to be 27).

If this works, I'm also going to put in a video of each kid here at the bottom. Excuse the pornographic images.


A Girl Called Dallan said...

Soooooo cute! Love those boys, even from afar. Can't help it. :0)

Heffalump said...

Whenever I try to trim our boys' hair without buzzing they end up looking like they belong on Star Trek (the old one). So I just go ahead and buzz away.

Emily A. W. said...

WOW i loved the pcictures and video! thank fyou for posting them!

TV Free said...

You ought to change it to p*rn so you don't get nasty people looking at our kids. Thanks

ann.rachel said...

I MISS THEM!!!!!!!!! The cutest nephews in the whole world. And I must say, I LOVE their hair shaggy. Shack is such a beautiful baby, he could be one of those model babies that are already in picture frames when you buy them and you say "Aw... that's such a cute baby." Did aly post the last comment? haha, I think the bums are a nice touch.