Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where in the world is Sans Auto?

The title has a double meaning. First off, I am wondering where I went. As we look at houses, those that are further away are looking more and more attractive. We are outside of bike commuting, but the homes and land are far more attractive. The last two years were great, commuting daily by bike and living almost entirely without a car. I'm afraid of losing my persona of "Sans Auto", I loved the lifestyle, however I have always dreamed of a house and small farm. Some people have to live on farms and grow food. I want to be one of them. One of the conditions I have made with myself is that if I have to drive to work, I will have enough land to grow food and sell it at a farmer's market. So where is Sans Auto? He may be on his way out. He may be moving to 'Avec Auto' (with auto) and 'Avec une ferme' (with a farm). We'll see where we're headed (I like how I moved from first, to third to second person in that paragraph that was all about one person).

Now I want to address our new home in Kentucky. We moved East. We now live in the Eastern time zone. You might say that we live in the east, but no. This really isn't the East. In the civil war Kentucky was a border state and based on climate is sometimes considered a Southern state, but no, Kentucky really isn't in the South. At one time Kentucky was on the Western frontier. That is obviously no longer the case, but I've heard Kentucky refered to as a western state. Technically Kentucky is located in the Midwest. Still that doesn't make sense to me. Nebraska is in the Midwest, Kentucky is east of that. So I still wonder, where in the world is Sans Auto?


Earl said...

If a state didn't secede, it's not part of The South.

Nate said...

You're in Kentucky!

We still miss you, but are very happy for you.

My PhD app. is in to the University of Hawaii. We'll see how that goes.

The Woulfes said...

don't worry about the car...look at it this way-if you live in a city so you can bike everywhere, you buy produce that at best was driven in from a local farm. At worst, it's from chile or australia.

If you grow your own food and drive to work, my unscientific study says that you'll break even.

Ride the bike when you can and enjoy the "Not Quite South Eastern Mid-West State"

Emily A. W. said...

yay! get a farm!