Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some things never change

I am really enjoying Kentucky. The people are great, I have never felt so welcomed anywhere I have lived. I have, however, noticed that somethings never change, no matter where you go.

Jokes about the weather have been the same almost everywhere I have lived. "You know what they say about Kentucky (or Colorado, or Utah...) if you don't like the weather, just stick around 10 minutes and it will change". This joke gets old, especially since the conversation already isn't going anywhere once you've started talking about the weather. You see, the weather changes everywhere and it changes frequently. That is just how things work. To be fair, I don't remember this being said in Washington or Oregon. That is probably because it would give people unrealistic hope that it would stop raining.

"Kentucky (and Colorado, and Utah, and Washington, and Oregon) has the worst drivers I have ever been around." I've seen grown-ups really argue about this. "People where I am from drive a lot worse than people where you are from". It's right up there with, "My dad can beat up your dad". Everywhere you go, some drivers are good and some drivers are bad. Everyone has moments of inattentiveness, some just have more than others (like those with cell phones surgically affixed to their heads). Sure some cities have more 'bad' drivers than other cities, but not every city is the worst. In fact, I would estimate that only one city has the worst drivers. (I make that estimate based on my understanding of superlatives used in the English language).

OK, I'm done venting about little inconsequential pet peeves that I have. If you can explain either of these things to me, please do. I'll be back to talk more about the house we're going to buy sometime this week... Things are looking good.


Random Blogger said...

The joke here in Washington is "If youdon't like the weather, move to Utah, or colorado, or Kentucky." Ha ha.

Emily A. W. said...

So, we are just a big melting pot of conversational mud. Sorry you are trudging through it all around the country. It is interesting that people say the same things wherever you Texas they told me where the bathroom was by using yards as the measurement, and I thought that was pretty weird until I remembered they are a big football state.

CoconutKate said...

You are probably right on about Washington and Oregon. People don't say that in Hawaii or Arizona either...because it is always sunny and usually hot. As for drivers, apparently no one drives as well as I. And everyone else has the same opinion. :0)

Heather said...

As far as people saying that their city has the worst drivers, I think I know why that is. If I'm correct in assuming that most people these days have probably moved to a different city from the one in which they learned to drive in, then of coarse people will drive differently in their current city. I think there are a lot of "implied rules" in driving in cities across the country - making each city a different driving experience. I think people expect others to drive the same way they learned to drive, and when they don't, then their city has the "worst drivers". (I personally have Tucson on my worst list right now, people in LA are so much friendlier and efficient.) :)