Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trivia answers and more

Heffalump was correct on the trivia question, but failed with the bonus question. 'Minding your p's and q's' refers to movable type. Printers would have young boys come in the evenings to put the type away and they had to pay special attention to the p's and q's because the type was backwards and they could be easily mixed up.

The bonus question asked which rack they were on. Of course the letters were on the bottom rack, or in the 'lower case' because nobody could get an upper case P and Q confused even if they were backwards.

OK, onto videos. First, we'll excuse my wife for taking videos sideways. She didn't mean to, but it fit in the viewfinder better. There are some disadvantages to having a still camera that we use for videos as well.

The first video is of the new 1 year old in the house walking. The second is a video of the older boys putting the recent ice storm to good use.

Maybe I'll post some pictures too.
Look, the birthday boy wanted to share his cake. Actually he likes sharing most things that he has put in his mouth and drooled on for awhile.

Has anyone told him that his face could stick like that?

Nice tongue


ann.rachel said...

i want moreee.....
They're so cute! and SHACK'S WALKING!! aw.

Alisha said...

very nice. i am amazed at what a good walker you little one is. thanks for posting. we're thing about you guys all the time!

Emily A. W. said...

oh my goodness so cute!!! good luck with the house searching! sounds like its been rough...