Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reverend Billy

I posted a bit ago about my desire to be a pastor of my own little non-denominational cult. While there is some truths that provide the foundation for that post, I recognize that I will likely never be a pastor because it just wouldn't work for me. I'm OK with that.

I have, however found the church (cult?) that I want to follow when I grow up. This guy has some really disturbing things. I use that word 'disturbing' quite literally. I don't think he's a psycho or anything, but what he does disturbs me.

It disturbs me because I don't think he's psycho. I have a really hard time finding things that he says that I don't agree with 100%. His irreverence toward something sacred doesn't sit well with me, but I am not convinced that he's being irreverent. I think his message is all there; What would Jesus buy? He calls the playstation, nintendo wii and other such products 'the devils of today'. I can certainly see how that is the case.

OK, exercising the cash register was a little weird. I think this guy speaks truth, but for some reason I have judged his attitude to be irreverent. Maybe it is my attitude that is not open enough to accept someone speaking from the heart in his own style.

And so this guy disturbs me. On the one hand I can't handle his irreverence and on the other hand, I suspect that he is being completely reverent and serious in a way that I am unable to understand.

OK, it also disturbs me that he has put out a movie that he sells... that seems like a difficult product to promote.


Emily A. W. said...

"Jesus was one hell of an activist."

That's all I have to say.

The Byrel said...

hmmmm.....interesting.he probably has a past filled with old fashined stuff and religion.but wht he says is quite true.u can upload porn thru the net.and ur phone,it can be used to take porno vids and pics.and the cash register,illegel money can be kept in it.