Sunday, March 4, 2007


Nutrition will be back tomorrow. For now, we'll catch up on what the family has been up to all week.
The Mugwump was worried that he got some paint on his elbow. Or did he just dip his fore arm in the paint on purpose? He certainly wouldn't do that.

Six-pence wasn't quite so neat about things, he put his hands in the finger paints... Except he would use the brush to eat the paint (that is not part of a nutritious diet). Notice the purple "lipstick".

Well, the Mugwump didn't want to be outdone by the lipstick thing, so he painted his nose. Does anyone remember Zinka, that stuff the lifeguards wore to keep their noses from burning? Anyway the paint officially moved away from the fingers (and the paper for that matter) and onto the faces.

Following the example of his older brother, Six-pence started using his brush as something other than a spoon. We've spent months trying to get him to hit his mouth with the spoon, just look at the concentration that it takes to get the brush to his face, and the side of his head, and his hair, and his ear.

There is no way that little brother can win the contest, so the Mugwump gave it all he had and had bright blue boogers the rest of the day.

For those who don't know, my wife was watching the boys during this event. I can't stand cleaning up. Outside in the mud where I can clean up with a hose, I can do. Cleaning up in the house from paints, no way.

Otherwise this week, the Mugwump's little friend had a birthday, and the Mugwump picked out a present, drew little pictures for it and drew on the wrapping paper (we used blank newsprint so it could be recycled). He loved it. (So did the boy who received the gift).

Yesterday my wife took the boys up to a museum where they were able to see wild animals (stuffed) and go to a reptile show. The Mugwump loved it, he was on the edge of his seat the whole time. Six-pence bore it, and didn't try to escape until the last few minutes (when they finally brought the snake out). Can a boa constrictor eat a little boy? Just curious. One of the best parts of the trip to the museum was the bus ride. Public transportation is the way to go (when it's well below freezing and you're afraid the kids will freeze in the trailer).


Heffalump said...

Was it the Bean Museum at the college? Dalan used to work Janitorial there when we were in school. I have to say that the room downstairs where they keep the reptiles is the worst smelling room in the place. We used to go there a lot when we were at the Y.
I don't suppose the paint sixpence was eating was made of vanilla pudding and food coloring? At least it was probably made of something non-toxic.

Emily said...

Ha Ha! Thats an awesome picture sequence of the boys paint off!
Yah...that Bean Museum...good stuff (no pun intended). I hope he got a chance to go to the downstairs. There are lots of bugs down there to look at. I think the most interesting thing I saw there was the flies that look like bee's. Yowsers!