Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sans' summer

I'm going to take the liberty to post what Sans has been up to while we've been visiting family in Washington. He is very happy that we're back, not only because he has company again, but he doesn't have to survive on noodles, zucchini, and ice cream anymore, and he can stop working on crazy house projects! At least for a while, anyways.

The main project he did was the kitchen. He put in new cabinets and painted; I love it! He kept scaring me that it was too bold, but it's great. We have tons more storage and I love the colors. It has a whole new feel. I'm doing my best to keep it clean. It helps that we have a dishwasher now, even if it does make awful grinding noises. :)

Sans also painted a few other rooms. The playroom/laundry room is "nectarine fizz." I was a little nervous, but it's a great color for the space. Notice the new reed shades, too? He put those up all over the house. Again, I love them! They filter out the heat but still let lots of light and fresh air in.
Paint project #3 was our bedroom. It is probably the most relaxing room in the house now; the color is really calming. It was a good choice.

Sans also did a surprise project for me - he put in a new bathroom vanity, sink, and cabinets! Other than some major leaking problems (caused by a split valve) (not due to the installer's abilities), it's been great, too. I love the big sink and more storage! It's funny how we try to live a simple life, yet it's always nice to have more storage. Isn't there something wrong with that?

He also did other projects that are great and were lots of work, but not quite as picture worthy. The ceiling texture he blogged about turned out great, but would have made a not-very-interesting picture. He finished the shed, hung the bikes up in the shed, and got one of my favorite pictures framed and hung in our room. He installed our new fancy-schmancy under the cabinet radio (thanks, Grandma!), which allows our kitchen to be more streamlined and frees up precious counterspace.

I feel somewhat guilty talking about all these new things Sans did over the summer, when we're trying to simplify our lives and live with a small ecological footprint. While we do our best on those things, I also believe that having a home that is comfortable and welcoming that you want to be in is important, too. It is easier for me to focus on the things that are truly important in life when I can feel at peace in the place where I am. Thanks, Sans, for all your hard work.

Here are a couple bonus pictures for those of you who are itching for to see those kids! While in Washington, we went to the King County Fair and the kids were in a cowboy skit. Mugwump was a singing cowboy and Sixpence was a cow.


Heffalump said...

Wow...looks like Sans did some hard working. The boys look as cute as ever too.

Isle Dance said...


Dallan said...

I love it! You were so right about the color choices you made. And I am in love with that kitchen. So simple and beautiful.

Thanks for sharing it all, and your cute little guys, too.

Bri-onic Man said...

Nice work, Sans. If you're ever in the neighborhood on your bike, I've got some little home improvement projects you can help me with. :-)
Also, I'm a little saddened that you didn't take the opportunity of the family being gone to hang the bikes in the living room WHERE THEY BELONG! :-) I mean, bikes are family, and you wouldn't put your family in the shed, right? (Funny thing, my wife doesn't believe this either . . . but she did enjoy seeing your wife and the kids on their trip!)

Emily said...

Whahoo! It all looks great! I am happy for you.

J-Dog said...

Nice Paint Job.