Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Winter is coming. I have noticed the changes lately. OK, I realize that it's supposed to be over 100 degrees here today, but the heat is coming to an end. Yesterday and today I left the house at about the regular time and I needed to use my lights on my bike for the first time in months. It's staying dark later and it's getting dark earlier. With less sun exposure the temperatures are bound to go down.

I know that you could have looked on a calender and figured out that summer is approaching an end, but that is my point exactly. Among my biggest goals in life is to live it and not just be an observer. I love being out on my bike daily and being able to see the subtle changes that occur throughout the year. I like participating in life and not having to look for an update on Microsoft Outlook (or a calendar if you are old fashioned). Get out and be a part of the world, play the game and make a difference... The spectators are those who pay to see it played (cable TV anyone?)

Another Note
Completely unrelated but a fun occurrence at our home yesterday morning. I was shaving and Six-Pence started to cry in his bedroom. It was about that time so I waited for him to run into join mom in bed. Sure enough, I heard the pattering feet coming my way. Instead of going to the bedroom he stopped and visited me in the bathroom. He grabbed my hand and pointed back toward his rooming saying, "Da". I was running late, but I followed him anyway (how can you turn down a toddler holding your hand, pointing and saying "da"?). When we got to the living room, I noticed his bedroom light was on. That's odd, he's not tall enough to turn on the lights yet. Then I saw in the bedroom and the pointing and "da-ing" became more specific. The Mugwump had climbed out of his bed and kicked Six-Pence out of his bed. There was the older boy, reading a book with a look of suppressed guilt right in the middle of Six-Pence's bed. The Mugwump said he wanted to be in front of the fan (he had survived 10 hours without being in front of the fan, I don't know why at 6am he suddenly needed a fan). I had to explain that it's not OK to kick your little brother out of bed. Last night he opted to sleep on the floor next to little brother (and in front of the fan) rather than in his bed. We may save lots of money on beds this way.

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Emily said... make me miss riding my bike....I also enjoy noticing the subtle changes that occur outside, especially in Utah because the changes aren't nearly as subtle as they are here.

Your kids are cute!