Thursday, August 23, 2007

Simple living

My family is all about simple living, but I think my wife has gone off the deep end. First, she asks me to take Six-Pence's crib down. I know that it's time for him to learn to sleep in a real bed, but this is really sort of silly.

This is my wife putting the boys "to bed". You may notice that there is no "bed" involved. Six-Pence has a mattress on the floor, the Mugwump wanted to be on the floor with little brother, so he laid out a sheet for himself. And mom... I think she was making sure the boys didn't wander off. It looks like she succeeded, nobody wandered off. In fact, I think they were all there all night.

More recently, I came home to find the Mugwump in a cardboard box "fort" in our bonus room. As far as cardboard structures go, it was quite well constructed. I think the Mugwump has a future in recyclable dwellings. I don't know that it will pay well, but we're about simplicity. Without the need for beds and talent in cardboard building, our family could have an exciting future ahead of us.

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Emily Allan Wood said...

lol...they are so cute! Cardboard forts are my favorite. thanks for sharing the pics. i love to see your family in action.