Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cute kid

I sat down on the couch when I got home yesterday and my two year old grabbed a book off the shelf and brought it over for me. He says, "Daddy, read story". Of course I'll read my son a story. Wait. Six-Pence, you brought me the dictionary.

He was persistent. "Daddy. Story. Mammoth." I suppose that if you are going to read your two year old the dictionary, Mammoth is as good a place to start as any. So we looked up mammoth and I read him the definition of a mammoth. There was even a picture of a mammoth in our dictionary.

I tried to continue to the next word, but he would have none of that. "Daddy. Story. Buoy." So I proceeded to look up Bouy in the dictionary... It wasn't there. How about Baouy? Nope... Boauy? No. (embarrassing truth, I had to ask my wife how to spell Buoy.) Buoy? There it is. Since when have words had a 'uo' in them? Anyway, I then read my two year old the definition of Buoy. Again, there was a picture for him to look at. He then took the dictionary from me, returned it to the shelf and returned to playing like a 'normal' two year old.

I now intend to be here more often to post. My summer has sort of freed up...well, sort of.


Emily A. W. said...

He is so cute and smart! I am excited to see him, and the rest of you, soon. I am also happy you are going to start blogging more. I miss your blog rants, and ideas...and things.

ann.rachel said...

I love Spencer! I can't wait to see him next month and in August. I love all of your boys. They're so unique and so smart.