Thursday, June 12, 2008


Have you ever been caught talking to yourself? Do you remember how embarrassed you were and how you tried to sort of brush it off, but you knew deep down it was sort of silly? Today, I took that feeling to a new level.

I was busy on the computer doing research and found this incredible website that had some great links on information that I would need to know. I just didn't have a good way to save it, so I figured I would email it to myself. I got the email all opened up and the link pasted in and I thought, "hey, we're having Joel and his family over for dinner, I should make sure I have his phone number at home". No, I did not say that out loud, that would have been ridiculous. I typed Joel's phone number into the email along with a sarcastic comment so I could laugh when I opened the email. Then I emailed it to Joel...

A few minutes later I got a response, "Was this for me?" Well-- No, actually it was me talking to myself about you... For whatever reason I feel a little silly. I'm glad that I really like Joel so I can be sure that I didn't write anything bad about him... Actually there's nothing bad about Joel so that wouldn't have even been possible. So the next time you're feeling a little dumb, think of me, caught in the act of talking to myself... via email.


Emily A. W. said...

Lol. silly G.

Have you ever tried shareaholic or another plug-in that lets you mark things on the internet for future reference via a feed reader? There is a website called DELICIOUS that lets you take your bookmarks anywhere...and many other programs that do the same thing.

Alisha said...

very funny. thanks for the laugh.

Alisha said...

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