Saturday, September 20, 2008


Just a couple thoughts on bikes.

First, my middle son made me really proud the other day. When he first wakes up my wife will always ask him what he wants to do on that day. First response, without fail is, "eat". To which my wife will respond, "what else". And my son will say, "ride bike". That's my son! Is there really anything else in the world besides riding a bike and eating?

Second, I sold a couple bikes. I currently only own one bike. I have my fixie that I commute on and that's it. No road bike, no mountain bike, just a commuter. My wife has two bikes, I feel that I now have some leverage in getting her to sell the minivan so we can take this simplicity thing to the next level. Actually, I have no leverage, and I never will, but I feel I've taken a good step toward simplicity. Who really needs three bikes? I would say, however, that I would like to get another bike at some point. I want something that I could use for touring or racing. I want something with relatively steep angles, that will use 700c wheels and accommodate either skinny road tires or knobbies. I also want something that I could put panniers on. If you know someone who sells the bike I want, let me know, otherwise I'm in the market for pieces to start building it.


Emily A. W. said...

I commend you for selling your bikes even though you love them. That is actions speaking louder than words!

Sounds like you have a mini Sans with eating and bike riding. Has he built a dirt jump yet?

The Woulfes said...

hmmm...bikes...think about a cross bike, the cantilever brakes will accept at least 38c knobbies on 700c road wheels.

Who makes such things cheap...surly makes a great stell cross frame with semi horizontal dropouts so you could run it as a single speed as well (only don't buy the whole bike,just the frame, the components are garbage)

We have a lot of cannondale optimos and trek xo's come through the bike shop and they're nice but aren't cheap. Personally, I haven't seen a good low cost build on a cross bike (for example the surly complete bike has bar end shifters on the drops). Best bet is to purcahse a frame and build it up yourself.

cyclingred said...

Check out The bikes are spendy but extremely versatile. They build real bikes for real people to use. Well, except for how expensive they are. :)

Most touring specific bikes will accept a wide range of tires. The Surly Long Haul trucker is good. I have a Cannondale T-2000.

I currently have 5 bikes.

Some time ago I wrote a post on what bike to buy.

sue said...