Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feelings vs. Science

I had this post all figured out until I read another blog that I frequent. Don't go to the other blog until you finish with mine, it will be better that way.

I woke up yesterday morning and with fall coming, the open windows made it sort of chilly. I looked at the thermometer (that I keep in Celsius because I'm sort of a snob like that) and it said 13.5. I know that 10 is the cut-off for needing to wear my long underwear top, but I was cold in the house, surely the long underwear wouldn't be a problem.

I ignored the tried and true rules I've established over the last two years of commuting and I went with my feelings. I perspired profusely on the way to school and was absolutely soaked when I arrived at 7:30. In fact, I put cycling clothes on that were still wet when I left for home at 5:30.

Today I returned to my normal rules. It was 13 degrees outside when I left, I was cold in the house, but I left the long underwear at home. I was cool for the first minute of the ride and perfect the rest. No sweaty mess in my locker and my clothes should be dry by the time I leave today.

While I study science and understand the scientific process, I also believe in following feelings. They aren't always reliable (as demonstrated by my clothing choice), but they are definitely meaningful and are what provide the really important moments in life. Feelings can't be ignored.

Anyway, the little blog in the big woods posted recently on this topic as it pertains to politics. He says that democrats bring to the table logic and solutions, while the republicans seek to go after the emotions. So whether the republicans have a solution or not, they have hit the emotions and people respond to that.

I would add that I too let my emotions win yesterday when I put on that extra layer. It didn't provide the solution I was looking for, and I knew that before I started, but I felt that I should. In the end, logic was the best answer to providing real solutions.


Jason said...

Funny, I had a similar experience this morning with the temperature being a good 10° F warmer than it's been all week here in Spokane. I initially put on the warm top I'd been wearing all week, but reevaluated before I got on my bike and stuffed it in my pannier. That was definitely the right choice and I had one of my most pleasant rides into work this month.

Emily A. W. said...

I used to hang with the republican crowd but after this latest campaign, I am totally changing parties. I don't like republicans. They can take their emotional conservative christian voting base and kiss my bootie.