Friday, June 22, 2007

4 am

I'm awake at 4 am. Why? because my wife and kids are gone and I can't sleep. So what have I been doing until 4 am? NOTHING. I take that back, I have been listening to commercial radio. That is what is inspiring this blog. I generally listen to NPR for news and programming. I enjoy the low key reporting. Most radio programs are always trying to catch your attention with an anxious tone of voice and talking fast. NPR relies on good stories to invite listeners. It works, oddly enough.

That wasn't the point I was going to make. The commercials on the radio are nothing but invitations to buy stuff that nobody really needs. Mostly cars, houses and a device that will guarantee that you don't get a speeding ticket (it's already banned in 8 states, so get one now). I'm glad that I rarely have to listen to commercials. Without a TV and listening to public radio, I get to choose what I want to buy, I don't have to put up with others trying to sell me stuff all the time.


Emily said...

I'm sorry you can't sleep. It would be lonely without family around. I hope you survive!

Yes...i agree....not having access to the mass media advertisements would be great. I was just looking at all of the new flashy cars and thinking to myself, why do people work so hard just to have the abbility to drive a fancy car? Its a bondage and epidemic in these parts.

TV Free said...

Sorry you couldn't sleep last night...once I finally get to bed, staying asleep doesn't seem to be my problem. Well, except for the whole time change thing, so my internal clock had me wake up at 5:10 the other morning. Yuck.

I agree about public radio. I feel the same way about TV. In our hotel, Grandpa turned on the TV as a babysitter this morning (the idea didn't even cross my mind, even when Mugwump was being a horror) and everything but Oregon Public Broadcasting was shouting at me to do this, listen to this, buy this. The slow pace of public broadcasting is such a breath of fresh air! I don't know how people can stand the constant barrage of noise.