Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Toilet talk (sorry)

The Mugwump is potty trained, but we are still having some problems. He does not do well wiping himself. We've set him loose a few times and it is generally a disaster for him and his clothes. Now we're in a routine where he goes and then calls for us to come wipe for him. I would really like to get out of this routine.

So how do you teach a kid to wipe without causing more harm than good? They don't teach this in parenting classes.

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Emily said...

Lol. Wow. Is he having problems because of the lack of room to rub on the wash cloth? Does he need to use more than one? Does he rub in one direction only, or does he go front and back? Maybe have him use more than one cloth per sitting. And if he hasn't caught on to where his buttox hole is, maybe show him so he knows what he's trying to do and then show him how to rub in one direction. Steven suggests toilet paper with puppies on it, and taking a bath after going pooh. I don't know. From what I hear, there are adults who haven't even mastered this skill.