Tuesday, June 5, 2007


OK, this is a lame post, but I have this resource and I'm going to do it anyway. I'm coming up with a survey about transportation preferences that I'm hoping to use to gather a bunch of information.

Great you think, but you don't really care. But I want to run a trial to make sure that this survey thing will work how I hope. So, I'm going to add a pop-up that will attack your screen (or already has) and have some people take the survey and see what kinds of results I get.

The survey is about this blog and I don't really care what you put, I just want to know how the information is arranged when i get the results. So could you please humor me and take the survey? If it takes you more than 5 minutes I would consider that an extremely long time. i think there are only 5 questions and it will be easy.

Because this is a trial run, i am limited to 100 responses, so don't take the survey too many times. Actually, since only 4 people read this blog, you could each take the survey 25 times and I'd still be OK.

Tomorrow's post will be better.

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Emily said...

Sorry the survey didn't work. When it does, I will take it.