Sunday, June 3, 2007

What We Do When Sans is Gone

It's TV Free with the family update this week. We had lots of fun while Sans was out of town; it made the time go a lot faster and wore the munchkins out so they slept well at night. It worked a couple times, except for the night when Sixpence woke up at 12:15. And 1:30. And 1:45, 2:30, 3:45, and 4:45. At least he slept in after that - until 6:30. Anyways...

Wednesdsay we hooked up with a friend of mine and went for a short hike to a waterfall up Payson Canyon. It was lots of fun! Though it may look like me in the picture, it's not. We were asked if we were sisters; we have the same build, same color hair, wear glasses, kids the same age, similar interests.... It's a little scary. Mugwump liked playing in the water best. Sixpence liked eating lunch the best - surprise, surprise. We stopped on the way home to pick up new paint for Sans to use while I take the kids to Grandma's house this summer. We'll come home to a whole new house! Especially since we got new doors and some new windows Wednesday thanks to a great program in Utah County.
Thursday we went to Discovery Gateway, the children's museum in Salt Lake City. Mugwump got to take a science class about bubbles. It was great! The museum has a great education program. Check out their website.
The museum currently has a "Children Around the World" exhibit, so Mugwump is modeling a sari for the camera. Sixpence wasn't sold on wearing a dress. He was content being a firefighter.
While this may seem like a random picture of a girl in a sari, she is really the latest facination in Mugwump's life. We'll call her Farm Girl (her family has a bunch of chickens in their backyard - Sans' inspiration). I keep asking Mugwump if he is excited to go to Grandma's house this summer, and he answers with a sad face, "No, Farm Girl won't be there. " Every day he asks, "Can we go over to Farm Girl's house?" Life seems to be incomplete without her. They galloped down the sidewalk together as we left the children's museum, singing at the top of their lungs, "Friends forever, friends forever." It was pretty cute.

Friday we had a field trip to a local nursery, splurged on some ice cream, and invited Farm Girl's family over for dinner and a marshmallow roast. Saturday I caught up on weeding. I did my best to keep up while Sans was gone, but I think the morning glory battle is best left to the experts. Especially those who don't have two kids as "helpers." I am glad to have Sans back!


Emily's Mom said...

What a nice post, A. It's fun to read about your family. Hope I get to see you this summer.

Heffalump said...

I always like to read the family updates and see the pics of the boys. Glad to hear you had so much fun despite Sans being gone.

Emily said...

Yay! I love family posts. Your kids are so CUTE! It sounds like you had a lot of fun, and I'm glad you got to eat ice cream. I love soft serve.