Sunday, June 17, 2007

A recap of the week

It's time for another family post. I have some pictures that family will enjoy. Maybe someone else will like the pictures of my kids, etc., but I don't know why you would come to this site to look at pictures of a stranger's kids.

Friday I built a shed, Saturday I went for a bike ride and roofed the shed. This week I will put siding on the shed. Earlier this week I read on Fatty's blog he announced a bike ride to leave at 6 am Saturday morning. I got permission and decided to do the ride. Now this isn't just any ride around town, this was going to be nearly 100 miles with LOTS of climbing. Since the longest bike ride I have done this year is not much longer than my 12 mile commute to work, I was a little nervous about this ride. It worked out though, I premeditated my quitting point so I didn't look as weak as I really am. I left my house at a little after 4 am to ride the 30 miles up to American Fork. Then I waited a few minutes in the parking lot for the rest of the group to arrive. First we climbed to the Tibble Fork camp ground, which was a spectacular ride. I felt strong and it was fun to finally ride with a group.

We descended and immediately turned to climb the Alpine loop. We climbed for a long ways... I was alone for much of it because I couldn't keep up. Near the top of the Alpine loop we turned to climb to the Timpanooke camp ground. I'd never been up there and since I met the others on the way down and decided to follow them, I have still never been up there. At that point in the ride I could tell that I wasn't going to make it. So while the others turned to go to Cascade Springs, I descended through Provo Canyon and returned home (I was home before 10am). So I missed the climb up from Cascade Springs, Squaw Peak and the back side of the Alpine loop. I think that may have killed me had I tried it. It was one of the most beautiful rides I have ever been on... Someday I'll be strong enough to do the whole thing.

I'm sorry, I forget that people don't come to read my writing, they come here to see pictures of my kids (notice how the writing came first so you had to wade through it?). So here are the pictures.

This is Six-pence. He likes to pose for the camera. How did we get a little kid that is blond?

The Mugwump was climbing a dead tree. He's turning into quite the climber.

That is the shed that I built. It was quite the learning experience. (Thanks Jim for the previous experience that made this possible!!) I wish I had used more "green" building techniques, but this was all that we could afford. I do think that we will add a gutter and start collecting any rain water that doesn't leak through the roof.
That's a different angle of the same shed. I simply attached it to the carport. That second window is most definitely level.... maybe it's just the picture? Or it's an optical illusion? Or, in fact, that installer of the window could not measure accurately and therefore the window is at a slight angle. (This is not a quiz, so please do not respond with which of the options you thought was correct).

My wife and kids are leaving this week to visit family in the Northwest. They will be gone for 6 weeks. I will be studying and getting done the mother of all "honey-do" lists. There will be no pictorial updates on my side until my wife gets back since she is taking the camera. She may hijack the blog while she is away and post kid pictures, but we'll allow for that. Most will actually prefer that, in all likelihood.


Heffalump said...

I can't wait to see TVfree and the boys when they are in the area... I hope you can endure the six weeks without them. I don't know if I could do six weeks without D around.
I do like the pics, but I like reading what you have to say too. I thought of you today when I read a bumper sticker that read "My other car is a bike." And again when we drove by an accident involving someone on a bike. (He was not seriously injured thankfully.)

Emily said...

Im impressed with your building skills! I LOVE the alpine loop. I am so jealous you got to ride it on a bike. Whahoo!