Wednesday, January 2, 2008


No, it's not a New Year's resolution (It's far too close to New Years for a post like that), but I've started flossing. I know I should have been flossing all along. I know, I'm getting a graduate degree in Health Promotion and I should be an example of health. I know that it really doesn't take that much time and it's not hard to do. I even know that gum disease is linked to heart disease and that flossing is a simple thing that can be done to be healthy.

Sorry Bri-onic Man, I hate flossing. I had a final last semester that consisted of a presentation to the class. One of the presentations asked the students to write down a health habit that they needed to improve and how they were going to do it. I wrote down flossing because I didn't want to bring up any of my really bad habits like sour gummy worms. When I had to write what I was going to do to change this habit, I said that I would tell my four year old to help me with it. When he brushes, I will floss. Now I have a tyrannical dictator forcing me to floss against my will. He absolutely will not brush his teeth unless I floss. So I have to set an example for my kid and floss. Every single day, I have to floss.

So if you have a health habit that you want to change, simply make a deal with a preschooler. It will change your life.


Bri-onic Man said...

Well, you made me laugh. At first I thought your post might be retaliatory after my (now-reforming) attitude ("eat the Philly") of late. But it's pretty pro-flossing, so good job. So what deal will the preschooler make with you to get HIM to floss? ;-)

Emily Allan Wood said...

Aww..the little dictator...he's so cute!