Friday, January 25, 2008

Names: The anti-simplicity

My wife is due on February 8th and if the past is any indication, the baby could come any time. Our oldest son came two weeks early, although he was induced (today is two weeks before February 8). My younger son came naturally 10 days before the due date. So we are awaiting the arrival of an addition to our family.

We chose a girl's name long ago, but still haven't had a girl. So we still have the name ready to go. The boy's name is a different story. Here's the thing, I like boy names that are more suited for black babies. So my favorite names always get vetoed. My wife and I have made some decisions and we've narrowed it down to three names, none of which make you think of a black baby when you hear the name. I'm not going to tell you the names we have chosen. You see, if I mention the names you will think, "Oh, I knew a guy with that name, he was a total dork, you can't name your kid that." Then I feel bad naming my kid after the dorky guy that you know. Instead, we name the kid and tell you after the baby is born, in which case you smile and lie to me saying, "Oh, that's nice". So that's the thing, I want you to lie to me. Tell me you like the name because we do and that is why we chose it.

Our first choice just happened to be a little too similar to someone we know here. I do like the name, but not for this kid. We'll have to wait for a subsequent child or not have a kid with that name.

Another choice we came up with was a good name, but it just hasn't felt right for either my wife or I. Why is something so simple so complicated?

Then my wife had this idea for a name that she shared with me. We both really like the name, but it's unique. I'm not one to intensify my superlatives or use them inappropriately, so when I say unique I really mean one of a kind. It is the last name of someone marginally famous, but I have never before heard it as a first name. I also like that it shortens easily to a catchy name, although the shortened version happens to be the name of a famous black man. So family be warned, I think the name will be unique. I still really like the name, so when we finally tell you what it is, pretend that you like it.

Besides, if we can have presidential candidates (or primary contenders or whatever you want to call them at this point) named Mitt and Barack, how bad can a kid get messed up by a goofy name.


Emily Allan Wood said...

Whahoo! The name game! I am excited to find out if its a boy or girl and what this awesomely secret name is.

Vertigo said...

Being a teacher ruins a whole mess of names that would otherwise be perfectly fine.

My wife and I just found out that we will also have our third child sometime in September.

There will be 9 years between child #2 and child #3...yes we are surprised.

Heffalump said...

Ah, picking the names is always fun. We have a girl's name picked out and are kind of set for a boys name, but D isn't very satisfied with the boys name so we have some more work to do.

Anonymous said...

Black baby? Huh? Can't believe you even wrote that.