Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dad bragging about his kids (read at your own discretion)

My wife was sick on Monday and I still had to go to school which left my wife at home with two little boys even though she did not feel well all day and spent much of the day worshiping the porcelain throne. When I got home on Monday our family read a scripture story together and talked about service. I asked the Mugwump what he could do to serve others. Here is what he listed as things that he had done to serve his mother that day:

Pray for her

Draw her pictures

Play with Sixpence to keep him happy

Make his own lunch so Mom didn't have to (pasta with sauce, leftovers that he ate cold since he doesn't know how to use the microwave)

Sing to Mom to help her feel better (usually "Happy Birthday")

Read Mom stories to help her feel better (He can't read, but he can certainly tell a story to pictures)

When we asked Mugwump how service made him feel he said that it made him feel good and that it made him happy. Most days I try not to ramble just to brag about my kids, but I thought that was pretty neat how much he did to help my wife.

And then yesterday the Mugwump was in the kitchen and my wife walked in and saw that he was getting into trouble so she asked, "what are you doing?!" The Mugwump replied, "coloring on the kitchen table." The Mugwump then cleaned the kitchen table. You win some, you lose some, but life is always an adventure with a 3 year old.

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Emily said...

Kids are so cute and so awesome! I am sorry to hear that the mom was sick. i had a bad bit of praying to the porcelin throne myself earlier this year, so I feel her pain!

The mugwump is a very honest child. I love that trait. One of my favorite things he ever said, which I still quote is "but I like chocolate!" when it was discovered that he took the chocolate I had set aside for my smore during our bond fire. Ahh...cute kids!!!

I like it when you brag.