Sunday, February 4, 2007

Family time

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Sixpence knows that you should always wear a helmet! Or maybe someone put it on him and he can't get it off, I'm not sure.

Look at that million dollar smile on Sixpence...
and the metric tonne of mucus smeared across the Mugwump's face.
There's the Mugwump with his picture that he drew. That two body parted creature with hair all around his head is me. You may also notice that my arms and legs are really hairy... which is true, but when they all start sticking straight out like that I usually trim them. To the right of me is my bicycle. You may notice that it is a large square, that is the roof so that I don't get cold or wet while I'm riding. The two wheels are of drastically different sizes so I will have to conclude that this bike is a funny recumbent or something of the sort. The other creatures at the bottom are from The Chronicles of Narnia. I'll have to be honest and say that I don't remember which is which.
This week it finally got above freezing for awhile and we enjoyed some time outside. The boys still have runny noses, but that's OK, it hardly phases them. Sixpence was eating a chunk of apple yesterday and as is typical for 1 year olds, it spent a lot of time half in and half out of his mouth. At that point he decided to blow his nose and discovered the incredible efficiency with which he can transfer snot from his nose to his food without any delay. I wish he didn't know that. Sixpence has also learned how to make himself dizzy. He needs to learn not to do it on the tile floor, but we're still working on that. So you walk into the kitchen and there's this kid spinning around in circles as fast as he can (which isn't very fast since he is still mastering walking). Then you have to stand by to catch before his head hits the tile. Maybe we should keep that helmet on him more often.
Icky has exciting news... Two weeks ago she met this guy who made her all weak in the knees. Then a few days ago she was FORCED to fly back here so that she could put in her two weeks notice and finish up her job and get the rest of her stuff. Her man (we'll call him Babe since that is what Icky calls him, which is a rather silly nickname since he doesn't look like a talking pig) bought her a plane ticket to fly home on Valentine's day (to stay) so that they can be closer together. So Icky and Babe have made big plans for... well the rest of their lives. Oh to be young and in love. It's almost sickening to overhear her phone conversations and all the mushy stuff. What makes it worse is my wife who turns and whispers to me, "isn't that sweet?" No it's not sweet, although I enjoy the memories, I'm glad that I'm not all goofy anymore. You know what, at this stage in my life I'm quite content being old and in love.


Dad O'Icky said...

Sans -
So he's the Babe, is he. Well, he behaved himself well enough here, so presumably it is an appellation of affection, and not particularly related to references porcine. Don't think my wife ever referred to me in that regard, and I thought guys were "hunks" but perhaps times have changed. (And perhaps I wasn't a babe!)

I think when she returns home, Aunt Icky may want to invest in a cell phone. For one thing "the Babe" lives in another area code, and free long distance would be a good thing; for another thing, we don't want the phone tied up for hours (of course, if they are compelled to spend every waking, non-working moment together, that won't be an issue will it!); and for a final thing, the Brother (do we have a code name for him yet?) will not leave her alone if mushy stuff shows up on his radar. (We warned her YEARS ago of the hazards of mistreating younger brothers. Payback can be heck!)

I agree, that mushy stuff is NOT sweet. It's SCARY. At least if you are Dad O'Icky. (Terrifying if you are Mom O'Icky). Not so easy to be the disaffected observer. I think I liked it better when she was dating Dorks 'n Jerks - we knew nothing was going to come of it. (Although at the time they were being dated they were not seen as dorks or jerks, that was a subsequent revelation.) This time...the whirlwind romance of true love has our head spinning, too. Or is that head shaking?

Anyway, as with all our children, we want her to be happy and loved. We were maybe hoping that would be later than sooner (as least as in terms of happy and loved by a guy other than her father,) but we really aren't able to choose when "The One" will show up in our lives. We can only choose what to do about it.

One last thing. If a 29-year-old is "old and in love," I hate to think how I would have to refer to myself, being the aged father of the object of your affections. (It's a saying, folks; she aint an object. She has been known to raise an objection or two, but that is a story for another time, I am sure).

So we look forward to the return of the wandering daughter, though she didn't wander for very long. Hope she enjoyed the taste of being away from home. And we look forward to having her back, at least for a while.

Emily said...

Lol. That was probably the longest comment I have ever seen in my life! Way to go "Dad o'icky!"

Yah...your kids are cute. That's for sure! And is true. Im happy for her. I think you should get a picture of her on the phone and post that as well. Oh...and a video of your son spinning in the kitchen would be AWESOME.

Am I asking too much? Oh well. Thanks for posting!