Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Global warming

I keep hearing talk about "global warming". I want to make a clarification. In the field of environmental health they use the term "global climate change", but the media thinks that "global warming" sounds scarier, so that is what we talk about. I think this is an important distinction because people hanging out in Northern Minnesota today where it was -30F are not likely to be convinced on this "global warming" thing. And many may be hoping for global warming so that their eyeballs don't freeze when they leave the house.

Is the term "global warming" accurate? Yes, but it is based on overall averages of the entire globe and is not necessarily reflected locally. In fact, warming of climates near the equator and therefore ocean waters will change normal ocean currents resulting in colder than normal temperatures in some parts of the world. England, for example normally has a current of relatively warm water running by it year around which keeps the climate moderate. If that current changes (which is currently taking place) England will get colder due to "global warming". So just for the sake of understanding, let's call it "global climate change" since that is what it is.

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Emily said...

I can't wait till England is an ice ball. That will be awesome!