Sunday, February 18, 2007

Healthy Living, A Family Affair

This is a combination blog. Normally on Sundays I blog about family because that is one of the main reasons that I blog. Last week I talked to Fatty and he said he was going to write about some testing that we did and he could include a link to my blog. For that reason I'm going to write for the next week or more about weight loss. Although Fatty is a really nice guy, I hope to help his competitors lose more weight and give him a quite literal run for his money. My last entry was on Bioenergetics and weight loss. I will continue on that theme tomorrow. Today I'm going to write about my family, what we did this week and how it relates to healthy living. I hope to appease my grandparents with an update on the kids and not embarrass myself if four random people come from Fatty's site and quadruple my readership.

The first thing to know about healthy living is the importance of fruits and vegetables. Although I don't have a lot of pictures of the family eating, we eat a lot of plant based foods. Most plant based foods are highly nutritious and great for dieting. Here is a picture of my youngest son, Six-Pence, eating an apple. He will finish it off, core and all. I hope to someday teach him to spit out the seeds, but for now they will either digest in his stomach or contribute to the fiber in his diet.

On Saturday my wife wanted to take the boys up to a children's fair at my school. So we loaded the boys into our SUB (sports utility bike) and took off for the 12 miles each way. Of course it takes longer to bike than it would to take the car, but the boys love it, my wife and I get a little workout and we don't have to buy gas.

Evidently Six-Pence had a little too much family bonding and he disappeared into his coat.

Of course not everyone has the time to ride their bike everywhere (I used to think that too), but really it makes my study time more effective and it takes care of transportation and exercise simultaneously so I really don't lose a lot of time by biking instead of driving.

I've got to include an experience from church today. There was a cute little girl sitting next to us in the pew, so the Mugwump went over and sat next to her. She flirted and drew on the paper that he loaned her. When we got home after church, we asked the Mugwump (Boy age 3) what he learned in Sunday School. He said that he held hands with the girl that he met at church, but when he tried to give her a kiss, she leaned away. He didn't seem to remember her name, but he was a little disappointed with the kiss. We tell him that you shouldn't kiss girls that don't feel comfortable with that. Hopefully he won't find anyone who is comfortable with him kissing her for many years to come.


Rachel said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious about mugwump trying to kiss a girl!! sorry if I influenced him too much :]

Emily said...

Lol. Rachel taught him to kiss girls? Bad Rachel!

Emily said...

I thought about eating an apple core today after seeing that sixpence can handle one, but then decided against it when it tasted a little bitter.

Thank you for the information about fruit and veggies and the chart showing how carbohydrates and sugars work in the blood stream and effect your level of hunger. It really caused a lot of reflection today, and I decided to eat an apple for lunch just because you inspired me to with your blog.