Sunday, February 11, 2007


Evidently that burst water main wasn't a total waste, the Mugwump loves the mud pit that it has created.

This kids sleeps every night with a book under his pillow. The rule is that he doesn't get out of bed after we put him down for the night and he is obedient to that (mostly). We will sometimes find him "reading" 30-45 minutes after we put him to bed.
Sixpence loves his big brother and imitates him. It's really cute. He insists on having a book with him at night, just like the Mugwump
Did you know that if you put chocolate pudding on a cookie sheet you can paint with it? Did you know that if you smear it on your face it takes several baths before all of the chocolate can be removed from the ears?
Icky wanted me to post a picture for Babe. I think she wanted me to post the one of her hair, but who would want to see the back of her head? I especially like this photo. There was no photoshopping involved, yet notice how she looks like one of those dogs with one green eye and one brown eye. I had never noticed that before. Actually I have no idea how that happened, because really her eyes appear to be the same color in real life. I especially like the way the flash shines off her teeth. So, Babe, if you want different pictures, I may take requests. I wonder if Dad O'Icky could come up with any good childhood pictures that would make her blush.

The week started rough with a sick mom, but by the end of the week it was warm enough to venture outside again and the whole family was feeling better. Getting out really seems to de-stress things. It was a long, cold winter where it was hard to get out due to the bitter cold. Actually the bitter cold was only a few weeks, but when it's tough to get out for several weeks the family gets a little cooped up. Yesterday we were able to go for a long walk and play at the park. It was wonderful and we're all looking forward to spring.
My wife and I also got to go on a date this week. Thanks to a gift card from some great friends we were able to go to the Olive Garden and enjoy a dinner without kids (Thanks to Icky for babysitting). I don't know if these friends know it, but we don't go out much and we REALLY appreciate the opportunity to go on our annual date. After a wonderful dinner together we went to Barnes and Nobles and looked at books. Yes, that is what we do for fun, we go look at books with no intention of buying anything. We stayed out until almost 8:30 before we were both exhausted and needed to get home and go to bed.


Heffalump said...

Always glad for a family update. It looks like things are going well. I am glad to hear that you are all feeling healthier and that you were able to get out and get some fresh air. I am looking forward to spring as well.

Rachel said...

Garrett, you're toast.

Emily said...

Yay! Date at Olive Garden! Woot! I like that picture Icky. You're right..she does look like one of those puppies with cool eyes.

Mugwump! Is so awesome!

I am soooo happy today is sunny. I feel your pain. I hate winter in Washington more than in Utah.