Sunday, February 25, 2007


This was a big week for me. I was featured on Fatty's site after I did a VO2 max test on him and he sent many people my way. I may have had more visitors to my blog last week then the rest of the time my blog was up.

My favorite part about having new visitors from Fatty's site is that I got to give nutrition advice. Although I made it sound like I do that just to sabotage Fatty, that's not true. I'm a doctoral student in Health Promotion and I love helping people be healthy. I've studied it for many years and hope to dedicate my life to it. I feel that a few readers have felt the light and that means a lot to me and I hope they'll keep reading and learning.

I was also featured on Minuscar's blog with an essay that I wrote. I was pretty excited about that because it brought together my religious views with the simple living that I try to do.

The only bad thing with last week was that I didn't give a good post for my family. One of the main reasons that I keep my blog is to keep the pictures flowing to parents and grandparents around the country. So if you are here expecting a nutrition post, there's another upcoming, but I can't neglect my family. Feel free to read it and get to know who we are, but nutrition will reappear tomorrow.
First is the picture of the Mugwump. He usually gives us stupid faces for close-ups, but this is pretty much how he looks... except with chapped lips exacerbated by spaghetti sauce.

Then we have a picture of The Mugwump and Six-Pence playing... or fighting... or a little drug deal... I don't know, but there were no tears so we aren't complaining.

First we have Six-Pence dazed with spaghetti sauce all over his face. He looks so innocent...

But watch out for his ROAR!! Please keep your hands and feet out of the cage, this one is ferocious.

We love you all!!!


Margaret said...

Your new blog is MUCH easier to comment on than your old. I miss those days of messy faces, and joy! Since I met you a LONG time ago, you have always been interested in healthy eating, exercise and living. You inspire me!

Emily said...

Yay! I love the kiddies! I hope I can see them soon. They are adorable. Thank you for the pics.