Monday, January 8, 2007

Family "Bonding"

After a couple of voting blogs, and missed pictures I thought today would be a little lighter. (But first a little more momentum for voting) Don't vote for styrofoam peanutes, they just fill landfills and ruin the environment in their production. Instead get the corn starch peanuts.

We recently got a package full of these peanuts and my wife discovered that if you lick them, they stick together quite nicely and can be used as a construction material. (Dear, what were you doing licking the packaging?)

Anyway, my wife started family night by building a cabin from corn-starch peanuts.

The Mugwump was quick toget into the action and he built a car. Someday I will remmeber to stand my pictures upright before I put them onto the blog. This is actually the fourth time of me posting this blog because our home computer is dying. It randomly shuts itself off. On two occasions I was just about to push the "publish" button and the computer died. So now I'm at school and this blog is several days later than I had hoped.

The car wasn't good enough for the Mugwump, he insisted on improvement and he ended up with a "packed firetruck". I don't know what it means to have a packed firetruck, but that's what he said it was, and I certainly was in no possition to argue with him because I couldn't tell what it was. Oh, and the Mugwump is potty trained! Most of the time he just strolls right into the bathroom, takes care of businness and we never know... except there's no mess. Well, no mess, except he's really NO GOOD at wiping. How do you teach a kid that? At this point we ask if he pooped and if he says yes he knows to turn around and drop his pants for the poop check. (He hasn't passed one yet). Sometimes I wish he were just a little less independent.

Sixpence was really excited about this game, except he was a little too good at the licking part, he just kept licking until the thing was gone. OK, that was an exageration, he didn't lick at all. He stuck each of them in his mouth and ate them. He would occassionally finish the first before starting on the next one. There was no stopping this kid, he is a corn-starch peanut junky. They're just corn starch, right?
Otherwise, Sixpence is learning to talk he's mastered "Da" and can say "mamamamama" Although verbally he is quite simple, he is very good at getting his point accross.

Not a great picture, but this is the Mugwump trying to sabbatage my bicycle. This is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever built. I never liked art class because my things never quite turned out how I had imagined them. I think this is partly due to a lack of tallent, but now I'm realizing that they hadn't supplied me with the right materials. I could have built anything with corn-starch peanuts. I've been thinking about submitting my bike to a museum, but I'm afraid to take it outside or it might get wet and dissolve.

... It's beyond words.


Wife said...

For the record, Sixpence was eating one and I took it away and put it back in the box. Then I noticed that it stuck to those around it. Voila, a new art was born.

Heffalump said...

SURE...Blame it on the baby, he can't defend himself after all!
Just FYI those cornstarch packing peanuts make great targets for little boys when learning to pee standing up. Since they disolve, they are

Emily said...

Lol! That corn starch bicycle is amazing! Your computer is dying? It summons me to action!!! How can I help? I must be allowed to help. Please....?