Sunday, January 14, 2007

The family

The weekend post on the family... We're all doing well. The Mugwump is potty trained and is extremely disappointed with himself when he has accidents, which are rare at this point. Every night he asks to go to bed without a diaper and we tell him that as soon as he wakes up with a dry diaper he can go to bed without. So far he still wears the diaper, but he's excited and that's wonderful. He got a taste of what aunts are really about this weekend when Icky painted his fingernails. And toenails. Pink. He was very proud of it and was excited to show people at church. "All the classes will be so impressed!"

Sixpence got some shots that he wasn't excited about. Otherwise he likes art. We have a set of art drawers and he will go get the paints or crayons out of the drawer and say "da da" which means this is what I want to do. He's a pretty good artist... for one year old.

My wife is excited about drawing our new house. We dream of building a strawbale house that is environmentally friendly and maybe even off the grid. Anyway, my wife spends time drawing plans for a small house that would meet our needs. They're really pretty good, except I am feeling a little pressure.

The weather has been cold (I think the high today was 14). We had icicles forming on the inside of some windows, so we decided to hang some flannel sheets to hopefully keep some of the warmth in. The low inside of our house so far this year was 46 but we've been consistently in the 50s through the cold spell, we're doing quite well.

I'm doing fine, and looking forward to the semester. I'm taking a couple classes that I'm really excited about, but I'm taking a lot of classes and am sure that I will be busy. It's only the first week and I'm already REALLY busy.

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Emily said...

Hi G! I am happy that you write about the family and what is going on. You are the only connection i have to your awesome little family on a regular basis. I appreciate it!