Sunday, January 28, 2007


The Mugwump chose a book from the library... it was a cookbook. It was the book that he was the most excited about. This was the sloppy-joe that we made look like cars. They were pretty good. There is also a recipe for a sandwich that looks like a baseball. It takes over 2 cups of mayonnaise to cover the entire sandwich. We won't be trying that one. I don't know why The Mugwump's face looks all deformed, but the computer wouldn't download the photo of him looking halfway normal.

The Mugwump is becoming quite the builder. He built this train all by himself and it was too big to fit into one picture.

This is a castle that the Mugwump built out of Six-pence's blocks. I think this was preparatory to the snow castle in our front yard that didn't make the photo list.

With the way this kid eats and practices his mean face, I think he's going to be a linebacker for the Seahawks. Even if he never intimidates anyone.

That would be me. You will notice that all of the pictures have been indoors. That is because we haven't seen temperatures above freezing in weeks. That is what I wear to ride into school. It's interesting how 19 degrees begins to feel warm after a week or two of riding into work while it's between -2 and 5.

The cold season has hit everyone in the family except me so far. It's not too bad, just stuffy noses and a little coughing. With the cold weather and the colds, we've been doing a lot of reading and playing indoors. No pictures of Icky this week... She's back at home. I wonder what she has been up to while away. Maybe she would like to defend herself before I let loose.