Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why I ride...

I have a class this semester on health risks. One of the biggest risks is high cholesterol. We have an assignment to get our cholesterol checked and then create a diet/exercise program to improve the cholesterol levels. Then we will have our cholesterol levels checked at the end to see if our program worked. I don't think we're graded on improving our cholesterol, just the program that we write for it. I got my cholesterol back yesterday...98. That's the total. It breaks down to an LDL of 43, HDL of 48 and VLDL of 7. My triglycerides were at 33. I eat very little meat or sugar and I exercise regularly. I think I'm going to cut the pretzels out of my diet for the semester, that will be good. Otherwise I'm just going to continue with my current diet and see what happens.
Last night I went on an activity with the youth at church. We showed up and it was obviously a youth group and one of the ladies asked me if I was one of the youth or a leader. Actually, I'm the oldest leader in the group.
Honestly, I don't ride my bike for health reasons. My commute is merely transportation and a time to relax and enjoy nature (when I'm not being run off the road by a car). The commute has so many benefits that are little extras.

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Emily said...

Lol. You do look like one of the kids in youth group. ha ha. Thats good.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I commented back.

Have a great day!