Friday, January 12, 2007

A helmet-bouncin' good time...

We got snow yesterday. I've ridden home in snow before, so I hopped on the bike and left for home. I just got out of the school parking lot, and I was going along just fine, thinking it was going to be a breeze when suddenly the I noticed that the asphalt was rather close to my noggin. Now, I've crashed a bike before and it always tends to seem like slow motion... I can always remember thinking, "uh oh, this is going to hurt", and then you pick yourself up off the ground. Last night, it was like it never happened. I was riding and then suddenly I was on the ground. A very kind pedestrian asked if I was OK (she seemed a little worried), but I hopped up and said I was fine. I got back on the bike and tried to get going again, but I couldn't on the fixed gear. You see, to get started on a fixed gear, you have to get some momentum before the bottom of the pedal stroke or you will come to a stop before you can get your other foot on the pedal. Standing over my bike I would push down on the pedal and all it would do was spin on the ice. I couldn't get going again. I eventually rode a little on the sidewalk and made it up to the bus stop where I caught the bus.

As the bus pulled away a couple of people noticed that it was not the bus they expected, it was going to stop about 15 miles short of their destination (the bus was 30 minutes late and forgot to change the sign until we were going). So I went home, and brought a couple of people with me (bus people). I changed my shoes and drove them to Payson. They were pretty nice people. I will still have to say that you never know who you will meet on the bus.

Today I'm a little sore, but otherwise there was no harm done in the little bike accident. I'm on the bus today because the roads are still ice and it's still snowing.


Susan said...

Thank you for riding th bus today. Stay safe..Love u, Mom

Emily said...

OUCHIE! Yay for buses and nice pedestrians!!! You crazy bohemian!